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Heading Outdoors?

Leave a Trip Plan.

No one ever expects to get into trouble outdoors. But, a turn in the weather, mistake in judgment, unexpected injury, equipment failure, or sudden nightfall can quickly change any recreational outing into a crisis.


Completing a trip plan is extremely important. It explains your destination, travel route, equipment and expected return time. It is vital information to assist authorities searching for you in the event of an emergency.

Does anyone know where you have gone and when you expect to return?


When to report someone missing

This isn’t like TV where they say you have to be missing for 24 hours to be missing. You’re missing when you’re not where you are supposed to be at a specific time. Pass on travel plans to family or a friend and stick to the plan. Return times are crucial. If you’re expecting someone back at a certain time and he or she misses that time, base your phone call for help on your own knowledge of the person and the trip he or she had planned. If you feel that the person would not likely miss a scheduled check in or may have suffered a setback or injury, call 911 and ask for the RCMP to report a missing person. They will investigate further and determine the need for a search and rescue response. Pass on all relevant information you have on the subject, his/her vehicle, equipment and trip plan.

AdventureSmart Programs

AdventureSmart is a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians and visitors to Canada to “Get informed and go outdoors”. AdventureSmart combines online and on-site awareness with targeted outreach to try and reduce the number and severity of Search and Rescue Incidents.

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Hug-a-Tree and Survive

Hug-a-Tree and Survive is an AdventureSmart program that helps lost children survive in the woods. It teaches children how to avoid getting lost in the woods, and what to do should they become lost.


This presentation is designed for youth and adults who want to paddle, whether it is using stand-up paddleboards, kayaks or canoes. Topics include trip planning, training and taking the essentials for water based activities. Segments on moving water and coastal water can be added to the presentation depending on location.

Survive Outside

Statistics show that each year across Canada there are approximately 5,000 ground Search and Rescue incidents. They involve all types of outdoor enthusiasts, from hikers and skiers to backcountry travellers and boaters. AdventureSmart encourages you to have fun and play, but always be informed and prepared before you set out. Time spent gaining this extra knowledge and skills can help reverse the SAR incident trend.

Snow Safety & Education

This presentation is aimed at children in Grades 4-6, teaching ski hill safety and signage, and backcountry information including “Out of Bounds” hazards.

Survive Outside – Snowmobiling

Like all recreational activities, there are inherent risks that require snowmobile riders to act responsibly by being prepared and making good choices. Out there you will encounter frozen lakes and deep backcountry powder far from the comforts of the city.