Campbell River Search and Rescue

That Others May Live

About Campbell River Search and Rescue

Campbell River Search and Rescue Society is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide a vital lifeline to those who are lost or injured in the beautiful wilderness of northern Vancouver Island.

The nature of search and rescue work in British Columbia seems to be changing. Because of technology, we are doing less actual searching and more responding to calls of help from people who can tell us where they are. But the challenge for us is that we must still stay trained and ready for the next big search.
Campbell River Search and Rescue would not be a fraction of what it is today, without ongoing support from our community. Local government, service clubs, businesses and individuals have contributed enormous resources toward training, equipment and facilities, and for that we are very grateful. Tax deductible donations can be made directly through our website.

By the Numbers

Logging Road Maps

As part of our fundraising efforts, Campbell River Search and Rescue produces and sells 3 road maps, which together cover the entire Northern Vancouver Island, from Comox Lake, across the island to White Ridge Provincial Park, near Gold River; and north to Cape Scott.